Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is different than other online training sites? A. is a proud affiliate of the American Safety Training Institute. They have been in the safety training industry for years and was one of the first organizations offering a nationally recognized online certification. They have a reputation for excellence and stand by it. We strive to make sure you have a great experience, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. There is a reason over 95% of our clients return to re-certify!

Q. Is your online certification accepted by my employer? A. American Safety Training Institute courses follow the same ECC 2010 guidelines as the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross making the certification nationally recognized and accepted. Our program has been developed to meet and exceed the set requirements as it was put together by medical and safety training experts. All students are fully protected by our money back guarantee.

Q. How long does it take to complete an online CPR course? A. The average participant takes 1-2 hours to complete a course. Our training has no set time limits. We recommend going at your own pace and reviewing the training materials as much as needed.

Q. Does the CPR course have to be completed in one sitting? A. No, our CPR training is setup so you can login and out of the training as needed. You have 30 days access to our training site to review the online material and complete the certification exam.

Q. Is CPR and First Aid training available in any other languages? A. Yes! The American Safety Training Institute offers CPR training classes in Spanish. Please visit for the Spanish training site.

Q. How long are your certifications valid for? A. American Safety Training Institute certifications valid for 2 years from date of course completion. All participants are notified when they are due for renewal.

Q. How soon can I take the course? A. Immediately! As soon as your online payment is processed your user name and password are actived and you can begin your selected course

Q. What if I do not pass the test? A. Not a problem! A score of 70% is needed to receive a passing grade on the certification exam. If you do not pass the exam first time you can retake the test for no additional cost. Test questions are multiple choice and true/false and are pulled directly from the course material. We strive to be a low stress training program and want you to concentrate on learning the material and not worrying about the exam.

Q. Are there any additional costs? A. NONE! No hidden fees or bait and switch tactics here. What you see is what you pay. No cost for shipping. No costs for certifications. All is included in the course costs. All courses cover Adult, Child, and Infant techniques as well!

Q. Can I register with a check or money order? A. Yes, please contact us for more information regarding check or money order payments.

Q. Do you offer group rates or affiliation programs? A. Yes! Group rates making getting large groups of participants certified very affordable. If you have over 5 participants needing to take a course you can qualify for a group discount.

Q. I need my certification immediately, how fast will I get it? A. Immediately following course completion! E-mail certificates are automatically sent upon successful course completion. Physical wallet card(s) are mailed within 24 hours by USPS first class mail.

If your question was not answered please feel free to contact us.A associate will be more than happy to assist you!

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